Earthwork Notifications

Beginning April 15, 2010, contractors that are performing underpinning or rock blasting as part of earthwork must include the approximate date these activities will commence when notifying the New York City Department of Buildings. All contractors with permits to conduct earthwork must notify the Department of Buildings 24 to 48 hours before the beginning of work by calling the department. If underpinning or rock blasting will be taking place, contractors are expected to inform the department with the proper details required.

For earthwork audits, the Department of Buildings performs random inspections of: excavation depths; pumping operations; pile driving operations; sheeting, shoring and bracing; angle of repose; form bracing; underpinning; ground water; work as per plan; movement monitoring; pre-construction surveys; and evidence of special inspection. Furthermore, New York City Department of Buildings site monitoring does not relieve engineers and contractors of their professional responsibilities.

For cancellations regarding earthwork notification, contractors must notify the Department of Buildings. The Department must be notified of cancellation within 24 hours of the previously scheduled start. Failure to notify the Department will force the Department to issue violations and Stop Work Orders if contractors fail to notify before the beginning of the underpinning or rock blasting work.

Further information regarding the requirement of earthwork notifications is available from the New York City Department of Buildings.

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