Mortgage Takes Priority over Mechanic’s Lien

In Adams v. Carriage House Farm, Inc. the Appellate Division, Second Department, affirmed a lower court judgment that held that a mechanic’s lien was subordinated to the mortgage on the premises.  The Court noted that there was no proof on the record that the lender had failed to comply with Lien Law Section 22 and, as such, the mortgage had priority over the mechanic’s lien.

The relevant portion of Lien Law Section 22 says that if the building loan contract (identified in Lien Law Section 22) is not properly recorded as described in Lien Law Section 22, then the interest of the parties to the building loan contract becomes subordinate to a mechanic’s lien later filed.  In more simple terms, if the lender does not file the contract then it cannot claim priority over a subsequently filed mechanic’s lien.

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