Defining a “major building” in New York City

Under the New York City Building Code, certain obligations are triggered if your construction is categorized as construction that is taking place on a “major building.”   Section 3310.2 of the Building Code provides that a building is a “major building” when it”

1. Is constructed at a height of 10 or more stories; or
2. Is constructed at a height of 125 feet or more; or
3. Has a lot coverage of 100,000 square feet or more (regardless of building height); or
4. Is a building that has been designated as a “major building” by the commissioner of buildings

Some of the instances when qualification as a “major building” may be important to your construction project include: 1) to become a NYC certified Site Safety Manager you must establish at least three years supervising major buildings; and 2) if a Stop Work Order is issued on a major building you must, prior to getting the Stop Work Order removed, submit documentation to establish that all Environmental Control Board (ECB) violations have been removed.

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