OSHA Issues New Walking-Working Surfaces Rule

Falls from a height, especially in New York with its Labor Law liability, are a frequent source of liability on any construction site.  More importantly, those falls are a frequent source of injury and death to workers.  In an effort to reduce such injures, OSHA has issued a new final rule on Walking-Working surfaces.   The new rule is effective January 17, 2017. OSHA estimates that it will prevent 29 fatalities and 5,842 injuries per year.   Details of the new rule can be read here.

Contractors should make sure to fully familiarize themselves with the new final rule.  All contractors that are working at a height will especially want to make sure that they fully familiarize themselves with the new fall protection regulations.  Changes include training obligations and requirements and choices for personal fall protection systems.

Failure to know about and understand the new fall protection rules, including rules about training, could result in OSHA citations if an inspector visits your site.   When citations are issued, always remember you have 15 working days to file your notice of contest so don’t delay in contacting your attorney to address the citations.

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