What is the cost to file a mechanic’s lien in New York?

Mechanic’s Lien Costs Often Vary by County

There are a few components that make up the cost to file a mechanic’s lien:

  1. The mechanic’s lien filing fee charged by the County;
  2. The mechanic’s lien affidavit of service filing bee charged by the County;
  3. The costs to serve the mechanic’s lien by certified mail (as required by statute);
  4. The costs to verify the owner of property so that the owner can be identified in the mechanic’s lien; and
  5. The costs to prepare the mechanic’s lien (if using an attorney or lien filing service)

How much do attorneys and lien services charge to file a mechanic’s lien?

Costs to prepare and file a mechanic’s lien can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the lien, the county where the mechanic’s lien will be filed and a number of other factors. The costs can typically range anywhere from $199 per lien to $800 per lien. Most lien filing services and mechanic’s lien attorneys will charge you a fixed fee to

How much does it cost to file a mechanic's lien in New York?

prepare and file a mechanic’s lien. You can contact one of our mechanic’s lien attorneys here to obtain a quote to prepare and file a mechanic’s lien anywhere in New York.

How much do the counties charge to record the mechanic’s lien?

If you use a lien filing service or mechanic’s lien attorney to prepare and file your mechanic’s lien for you then you will probably receive an all inclusive fee that incorporates the county recording fee. However, the fee you are charged may vary because of this. Here are some of the busier New York counties and the fee they charge to record a mechanic’s lien:

  • New York County lien filing fee: $30.00
  • Queens County lien filing fee: $30.00
  • Bronx County lien filing fee: $30.00
  • Kings County lien filing fee: $30.00
  • Richmond County lien filing fee: $30.00
  • Nassau County lien filing fee: $315.00
  • Suffolk County lien filing fee: $215.00
  • Lien filing fee in most other New York Counties: $15.00

Almost every county will also charge a fee of $5.00 to record the affidavit of service for the mechanic’s lien.

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