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Arbitration Preparation Guidelines

Pre arbitration resolution attempts You have either initiated the arbitration process, received a demand for arbitration or are about to enter the arbitration process. Many contracts, specifically the AIA contracts include a section on resolution that mandates: 1)

Construction Arbitration v. Litigation – Which is right for you?

Construction Arbitration or Construction Litigation? Recent developments have cast doubt on the prior concepts that made construction arbitration so popular. Many Builders say arbitration is faster and cheaper than litigation. But homeowner and consumer groups, including Consumers Union,

Handling Construction Site Injuries

Document the Construction Site Injury It is a good practice to have all witnesses to the construction accident fill out accident reports.  Get basic contact information for the witness and have them put a statement in writing.  A

Joining a Limited Liability Company: Be aware of the risks

Today’s entrepreneur can choose from a variety of business forms including partnerships, sole proprietorships, corporations and, most recently, limited liability companies. The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is still in its infancy in New York. Having only adopted the

Legal Aspects of Water Intrusion and Mold Contamination

Introduction to Water Intrusion The protection of the exterior and interior aspects of a building from unwanted water, moisture and mold is a function of the integrity of the “building envelope”. Water intrusion, which is a breach and

Mechanic’s Lien Basics

What is lienable in NY? A lien may be filed for labor performed and material furnished for an improvement to real property when : 1) payment not received within the time provided for payment, 2) work for which

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