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Judicial License Agreements in NYC Webinar

Watch and listen to Kushnick Pallaci Managing Partner Vincent Pallaci discuss Judicial License Agreements in NYC in today’s Construction Law Webinar. You can learn more

Liquidating Agreements: What you should know

The Appellate Division, Second Department, recently issued a decision in Rad and D’Aprile, Inc. v. Arnell Construction Corp. where they analyzed the enforceability of liquidating agreements.

Free Sample Final Lien Waiver (NY)

Click the link below for a free sample form of a final lien waiver in New York.   This is provided for informational purposes only.  You

New York Scaffold Law

In New York, a violation of the Scaffold Law occurs where a scaffold is inadequate in and of itself to protect workers against the elevation-related hazards encountered while dismantling that device, and it is the only safety devise

Efforts to Eliminate Retainage Fee

The Federal Acquisition Regulation Council, in March, established a new rule change which classifies retainage as discretionary, and if contracting officers wish to require retainage, it would be set at a rate below ten percent. After nearly four

Federal Government Pursues Energy-Efficient Projects

The United States Department of Energy, through an energy-efficient commercial buildings program, has extended a call for potential projects in which it is seeking commercial building owners and operators and requesting proposals targeted at technical experts to provide

United States Court of Appeals Holds Pay-When-Paid Clause Valid

In Universal Concrete Products Corporation v. Turner Construction Company, parties entered into an agreement for the installation of precast concrete for a construction project. After Universal had substantially completed its work, the Granby Towers project ultimately fell through

Warning Lights for IPD Building-Production Movement

After five years of a collaborative building-production movement called Integrated Project Delivery, or IPD, skeptics are sending out a warning not to try an Integrated Project Delivery with contractors that you are unfamiliar with because of possible risks

New York Cool Roofs Program

The New York City Department of Buildings, New York City Service, Con Edison and the City University of New York have teamed up to launch a city-wide NYC Cool Roofs Program. The program is designed to help reduce

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