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Worker’s Comp Issues

Workers’ Compensation Law § 1 applies to injuries that occur in the workplace, including death, regardless of whether the injury is a result of the employer’s negligence or not.  The worker’s compensation statutes provide for compensation to employees

Supply Contract Warranties

Much like the warranties expressed and implied in contracts to perform work, the terms of a supply contract bind materialmen to perform to a certain degree of quality.  Pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code, which governs the sale

Owner Delay Damages

In the event of the delay of a completion date of a construction contract, an owner may seek delay damages from the contractor.  The owner may seek either actual or liquidated damages, but usually not both, and the

Contractor Defenses

While a property owner is free to claim that a contractor has defaulted on the work to be done and is therefore in breach of the contract, contractors do have defenses that may justify default.  Such defenses may

Changed Conditions

“Changed conditions” are defined as “subsurface, latent, or physical conditions at the site materially different from those indicated in the contract OR unknown physical conditions at the site of an unusual nature, differing materially from those ordinarily encountered

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