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Kushnick Pallaci opens new NYC Office

Kushnick Pallaci PLLC managing member Vincent T. Pallaci announced today that the firm has opened a new Manhattan office to help serve the firm’s clients located

Possible Amnesty for DOB Violations

The City of New York is offering reduced penalties and interest for certain violations issued by various City agencies including the Department of Buildings.  In

How to Collect Unpaid Fees on a Construction Contract

If you have been around the construction industry long enough then you know that payment disputes are part of the package. But how do you make sure that you do everything necessary to give yourself a chance to

Hurricane Insurance Claims

Now that Hurricane Sandy has passed, we are receiving questions about insurance coverage regarding making a claim, damage caused by surging water, falling trees, wind and damage to  roofs, homes, cars, etc  Here are a few examples(please note

Hurricane Sandy and Your Legal Rights

With Hurricane Sandy barreling down on the East Coast everyone should naturally be concerned, first and foremost, with protecting their safety and the safety of their friends, neighbors and family.  But when the storm clears there will undoubtedly

Subcontractor liable for damages flowing from its abandonment of project

In Farrell Bldg. Co., Inc. v. Shinnecock Electric, Inc. a general contractor sued its former subcontractor for breach of contract.  The subcontractor, an electrician, apparently intentionally abandoned the subject project (so says the Second Department) and unilaterally terminated

Construction contract tip of the day

In New York any provision in a construction contract that attempts to prohibit another party to the contract from suspending work under the construction contract if another party fails to make prompt payments under the contract is void. Note

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