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Ignoring Lien Law Section 38

What is Section 38 of the New York Lien Law? Pursuant to Section 38 of the Lien Law, an owner or general contractor can force

What is a payment bond?

Definition of a Payment Bond When we talk about security for paying a contractor or supplier the first thing that often comes to mind is

Hurricane Sandy and Your Legal Rights

With Hurricane Sandy barreling down on the East Coast everyone should naturally be concerned, first and foremost, with protecting their safety and the safety of their friends, neighbors and family.  But when the storm clears there will undoubtedly

Contractor Defenses

While a property owner is free to claim that a contractor has defaulted on the work to be done and is therefore in breach of the contract, contractors do have defenses that may justify default.  Such defenses may

Disclosure of Property Conditions

When entering into a contract to do work, it is generally the obligation of the property owner to disclose to the contractor any conditions that may affect the completion of the project.  A later finding of unexpected property

A.E. SOL Toll

Generally, an action for malpractice other than for medical, dental or podiatric malpractice must be commenced within 3 years from the date of injury.  The issue with this statute of limitations is that defects may be concealed until

A.E Third Party Liability

Aside from their responsibility to act in a reasonably prudent manner toward employees, subcontractors, and contractors, architects and engineers also run the risk of being sued by a third party should their negligent work be the cause of

Divided Responsibility on Defects

A party participating in the completion of a project is generally only responsible for the portion of the project over which it has control.  For example, a contractor who manufactures a product following the plans and specifications of

Economic Damages to Adjacent Property

In general, when the property adjacent to a construction site is damaged as a result of the work being done, the contractor is required to indemnify the property owner for any claims brought against him for the damage

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