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Ignoring Lien Law Section 38

What is Section 38 of the New York Lien Law? Pursuant to Section 38 of the Lien Law, an owner or general contractor can force

What is a payment bond?

Definition of a Payment Bond When we talk about security for paying a contractor or supplier the first thing that often comes to mind is

Necessary Building Demolition

In the interest of avoiding building collapses and serious possible resulting injuries, the Administrative Code of City of New York § 26–235 provides for the sealing off of and/or destruction of dangerous structures by the city.  This provision

Zoning Ordinance Appeals

Generally, the court will not hear an action for a declaratory judgment that a zoning regulation is unconstitutional until the property owner has exhausted his administrative remedies.  Where the operation of a zoning ordinance effects an unconstitutional present

Energy Code Compliance

The Energy Code enforced by the New York City Department of Buildings states that architects’ and engineers’ plans must comply with the Energy Code. Furthermore, contractors must follow Energy Code-compliant drawings when commencing construction and throughout the project

Owner’s Obligation for Construction Safety

As the party with the ultimate responsibility for a construction project, an owner has statutory and common-law obligations to protect workers from accidents that are capable of being anticipated. However, an owner does not have an obligation to

Abnormally Dangerous Construction Activities

In 1969, New York joined a majority of other jurisdictions which hold that one who engages in blasting work will be responsible for any injury to neighboring properties caused by the blasting, regardless of fault. In Spano v.

Earthwork Notifications

Beginning April 15, 2010, contractors that are performing underpinning or rock blasting as part of earthwork must include the approximate date these activities will commence when notifying the New York City Department of Buildings. All contractors with permits

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