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Insurance Coverage Litigation

Experienced Insurance Litigation Attorneys Business Owners and Contractors Can Trust

The attorneys at Kushnick Pallaci PLLC, have successfully litigated insurance coverage law cases in NYC and Long Island. Business owners, contractors, and subcontractors pay a substantial amount of money in premiums for insurance coverage with the expectation that the insurance company will provide coverage with the expectation that the insurance company will provide coverage for legitimate claims. Unfortunately, there are situations where insurance companies deny claims unjustly, and the service of an insurance coverage lawyer is needed so you can get the compensation for which you paid.

Insurance Companies Have Strong Insurance Attorneys and So Should You

The major insurance companies use high-powered insurance coverage attorneys to fight claim disputes. When you face the prospect of having a legitimate insurance claim denied, you need the services of an insurance coverage lawyer and firm with history of winning cases involving the major insurance companies. Kushnick Pallaci PLLC has successfully litigated New York insurance claim disputes and has won landmark decisions even those that go to the Court of Appeals.

A key factor in successfully resolving insurance coverage disputes is retaining the representation of an attorney with expertise in insurance coverage law as soon as there is any sign that the insurance carrier might contest the claim. If you wait too long to secure legal representation, you may lose your rights associated with the claim, or you might compromise the ability of your insurance attorney to litigate the case effectively.

If you are facing the prospect of a claim being denied by your insurance carrier, contact Kushnick Pallaci, PLLC at (631)752-7100 or 1(888) KUSHLAW to schedule an appointment with no cost to you.

Insurance Coverage Attorneys Can Help You Prevent Claim Disputes

Our knowledge of insurance coverage law can assist you to choose an insurance policy that will provide reliable protection for your business in the event that you need to file a claim. In the event you have to file a claim, we can guide you through the process of filing the claim and ensuring all of the documentation is in order to minimize the potential denial of the claim by the insurance company. We will work to ensure your claim is resolved in a timely manner because we know that in business, time is money.

Contact Kushnick Pallaci, PLLC at (631) 752-7100 or 1 (888) KUSHLAW to schedule an appointment for a no-cost initial consultation to review your situation and to learn about the options available to protect your business.

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Kushnick | Pallaci PLLC Attorney At Law​

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