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Construction Defect Claims and Litigation

Concrete cracks, roofs sag, steel rusts, water destroys and sometimes, foundations move. These are realities of construction in New York. All of these things can be considered elements or symptoms of construction defects that can lead to construction defect claims or even construction defect litigation. When you add these symptoms or elements to an aging building, sometimes buildings more than a century old in NYC, the problems are only exacerbated. Whether defective construction that took place in your building has caused you damage or defective construction on an adjacent site has damaged your building, Kushnick Pallaci can help. Our construction attorneys have handled and litigated building damage claims and construction defect claims ranging from thousands to millions of dollars in damages.

Because our attorneys understand construction, and the role that different parties play, we are often able to assess your building damage claim early on and develop a strategy to determine who caused, or may have caused, the problem, the extent of the damage and how we can help you hold them accountable. Often, property damage claims and construction defect claims will involve multiple parties and the more complex the project, the more difficult it can be in determining which of those parties is responsible for the construction defects and the damage to your building. Our attorneys have brought property damage and construction defect claims against adjacent land owners, contractors, sub-contractors, sub-subcontractors, developers, architects and engineers. Sometimes the damage or defect was caused by just one party, sometimes the building damage was caused by a combination of several parties, and sometimes the defective construction could have been the result of an entire systematic failure during the construction process where all parties had some responsibility for the resulting damage or defects.

At Kushnick Pallaci our team has broad experience in various types of building damage and construction defect claims, including:  defective or damaged foundations, defective or damaged roofs, defective waterproofing, defective flashing, mold, structural failures, defective or improper underpinning, defective or improper shoring, defective or improper excavation, defective sewer lines and defective HVAC systems and plumbing.

If you have suffered building damage as the result of defective construction in New York, contact one of our New York construction lawyers today for a free initial consultation to discuss your construction defect claim.

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