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A A New York Mechanic’s Lien is a tool that allows contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to secure their ability to obtain payment on a construction project.  New York Mechanic’s liens come in many forms and they come up, in one form or another, on every single construction project within the State of New York.  There are residential mechanic’s liens, commercial mechanic’s liens, public improvement mechanic’s liens and retainage mechanic’s liens.  Even where a mechanic’s lien has not been filed, every day on every construction project in New York contractors and owners routinely exchange lien waivers and releases as part of the payment process.  Our experienced New York mechanic’s lien lawyers have handled it all.  We have filed numerous New York mechanic’s liens and routinely continue to do so throughout every county within the State of New York.  Our mechanic’s lien lawyers have also reviewed and prepared thousands of mechanic’s lien waivers, lien releases satisfactions and amendments. In addition, our attorneys routinely enforce and defend New York mechanic’s lien foreclosure actions and prosecute and defend mechanic’s lien special proceedings.  At Kushnick Pallaci PLLC, mechanic’s liens are our business and our mechanic’s lien attorneys will guide you through the complicated, and often dangerous, world of the New York Lien Law.

Preparing and Filing a New York Mechanic’s Liens

Anyone can pick up a New York mechanic’s lien form and try to file it with the County Clerk.  Contractors that are serious about getting paid hire experienced mechanic’s lien attorneys to do it for them.  Mechanic’s liens are very time sensitive and are creatures of statute.  That means that they must strictly adhere to the New York’s Lien Law or risk being invalidated.  An invalid mechanic’s lien is not enforceable.

Our experienced New York mechanic’s lien lawyers can help guide you through the mechanic’s lien filing process and, in most cases, we can do it for a flat fee that is disclosed to you up front so you know, in advance, what you are getting into.  Our mechanic’s lien attorneys prepare the mechanic’s lien, file the mechanic’s lien and serve the mechanic’s lien; and they make sure that it is all done in accordance with New York law.  You should worry about performing the construction correctly, we’ll worry about protecting your mechanic’s lien rights.  Contact us now to file a mechanic’s lien in NYC, Long Island or any County in New York.

Preparing and Filing Mechanic’s Lien Satisfactions in New York

When a contractor files a mechanic’s lien in New York the goal is to get paid – its that plain and simple.  When the mechanic’s lien is paid, a Satisfaction of the mechanic’s lien has to be filed in order to remove the mechanic’s lien from the real property so that it is no longer an encumbrance.  Unfortunately, there is no universal “standard” form for a lien satisfaction and some County Clerks can be a bit specific about what they require to be in the form.  Our New York mechanic’s lien lawyers have prepared and recorded lien satisfactions across the State of New York and know how to get it done quickly and cost effectively.  Best of all, we always can prepare and record the lien satisfaction for you for a flat fee so there are no surprises.  Contact us now to file a mechanic’s lien satisfaction in New York.

Preparing New York Mechanic’s Lien Releases and Waivers

Every contractor in New York has probably seen, and signed, a mechanic’s lien waiver or a mechanic’s lien release at some point.  Lien release and lien waivers are common tools in the construction trade and are used to make sure that when a contractor is paid, he or she can no longer file a mechanic’s lien against the project.  What our New York mechanic’s lien lawyers know is that all mechanic’s lien waivers and releases are not created equally.  Every day people are finding new and creative ways to put information into a lien release or lien waiver that is not only unnecessary, but can be very harmful to the unsuspecting contractor.  Our mechanic’s lien attorneys will help guide you through the process and make sure you know the difference between a final lien waiver, a conditional lien waiver, a partial lien waiver and an unconditional lien waiver.  We’ll make sure you sign what you intended to sign and that you do not unintentionally relinquish any rights.  Contact our New York mechanic’s lien attorneys now to discuss preparing or reviewing mechanic’s lien releases and waivers.

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