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Surety Bonds Litigation

Kushnick Pallaci PLLC’s surety attorneys handle claims involving many types of surety bonds, including payment and performance bonds, bid bonds and mechanic’s lien discharge bonds. Our dedicated attorneys regularly review, negotiate and litigate claims against sureties that have failed to fulfill their obligations under the bonds. Some of the most common matters that we handle are:

  • Defense of bond principals in litigation ranging from default of general contractors and subcontractors, to multi-party construction litigation involving a wide variety of construction projects;
  • Representation of claimants in all phases of payment bond claims; including the investigation and negotiation of these claims;
  • Prosecution of claims against sureties for bad faith and failure to perform under the bond;
  • Review and analysis of payment and performance bonds on behalf of contractors and materialmen to assure compliance with contractual requirements and to protect and preserve potential claims against the bond;
  • Preparation and service of payment and performance bond notices of claims;
  • Assisting owners and general contractors with obtaining mechanic’s lien discharge bonds; and
  • Prosecuting claims against sureties that have issued mechanic’s lien discharge bonds

In the increasingly complex world of construction, bonds are becoming an integral part of doing business and interacting with sureties is not only common, but in many instances necessary. Because of our ears of experience in surety litigation and our knowledge of the documents used in the bond process we are able to quickly and efficiently analyze your situation and provide you with a plan to protect and preserve your bond rights. Often it is possible for our attorneys to negotiate bond claims directly with the surety and without engaging in costly and time consuming litigation. However, when it is necessary we will pursue your claims against the surety through litigation. Our attorneys have handled claims against sureties across the State of New York in State and Federal Court.

If you have a claim involving a payment bond, performance bond, bid bond or mechanic’s lien discharge bond and need legal assistance Contact Us now to discuss how Kushnick Pallaci PLLC might be able to help you.

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Kushnick | Pallaci PLLC Attorney At Law​

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