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New York Construction Debt Collection

New York Construction Debt Collection

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Getting paid on a construction project in New York can sometimes be the most difficult part of the job.  Finding an attorney that understands the construction industry can often be just as difficult.  Kushnick Pallaci PLLC represents the construction industry in all aspects of construction debt collection including filing and enforcing mechanic’s liens, filing and enforcing payment bond claims and pursuing other options such as breach of contract and trust diversion claims.  Our goal in every matter is to get our client paid as much and as quickly as possible.

There are a number of tools available at at the disposal of construction attorneys.  These include mechanic’s liens and trust diversion claims.  Both mechanic’s liens and trust fund diversion claims are very time sensitive and, therefore, should be addressed with an attorney early on before the problem gets bigger.

In addition to dealing with collection issues once they develop, prudent contractors will deal with them before they develop.  They accomplish this by making sure that their contracts provide them with as much protection as possible in the event that the customer decides not to pay.  Like with liens and trust claims, contacting an attorney early on is crucial to successful representation.

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