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What is a mechanic’s lien discharge bond?

“What is a mechanic’s lien discharge bond?”  This question often confuses and perplexes construction professionals and inexperienced attorneys alike.  Here at Kushnick Pallaci we often

Housing Merchant Implied Warranty

General Business Law § 777-a provides for a housing merchant implied warranty in the contract of sale for all new homes, which survives the passing of title.  Pursuant to the statute, the home must be free from all

Waiver of Defects

Generally, the owner of property waives defects that are easily discoverable upon inspection when they take occupancy of the premises, accept the work, and pay for it.  The parties to the contract may avoid this often unintended waiver,

Handling Construction Site Injuries

Document the Construction Site Injury It is a good practice to have all witnesses to the construction accident fill out accident reports.  Get basic contact information for the witness and have them put a statement in writing.  A

Legal Aspects of Water Intrusion and Mold Contamination

Introduction to Water Intrusion The protection of the exterior and interior aspects of a building from unwanted water, moisture and mold is a function of the integrity of the “building envelope”. Water intrusion, which is a breach and

Professional Liability

Responsible Legal Service for Licensed Professionals Experienced Professional Liability Representation in New York State At the law firm of Kushnick Pallaci PLLC, we represent individuals in the area of professional liability in the state of New York. When

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