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Judicial License Agreements in NYC Webinar

Watch and listen to Kushnick Pallaci Managing Partner Vincent Pallaci discuss Judicial License Agreements in NYC in today’s Construction Law Webinar. You can learn more

Liquidating Agreements: What you should know

The Appellate Division, Second Department, recently issued a decision in Rad and D’Aprile, Inc. v. Arnell Construction Corp. where they analyzed the enforceability of liquidating agreements.

Free Sample Final Lien Waiver (NY)

Click the link below for a free sample form of a final lien waiver in New York.   This is provided for informational purposes only.  You

Extending a Mechanic’s Lien in New York

How long does a mechanic’s lien last? A mechanic’s lien is valid for a period of one year from recording. How do I extend a mechanic’s lien on a single family dwelling? To extend a mechanic’s lien on

Court Permits Late Extension of Mechanic’s Lien

A mechanic’s lien on residential property lasts for one year from the date of recording.  In order to extend the lien for an additional year, a Court order is required, or the lien must be foreclosed upon and

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